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Alexa Sayaka

Student in Baltimore, Maryland

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alexa • 23 • nov 1 • female • maryland • infj • MDD & GAD

the things i'm into are pmmm, jjba, naruto, oyasumi punpun, studio ghibli, community, ff7, ff14, and pokemon

i strongly identify with sayaka miki from pmmm, as well as ritsu tainaka from k-on and meia gisborn from vandread. i'm also strongly attached to kakashi hatake, yamato, joseph joestar, jotaro kujo, kagami taiga, and shizuo heiwajima.

i'm currently a super senior in college (yayyyy /s) so i tend to be relatively busy during the semesters, plus my workload might be picking up more and more the closer i get to graduating. my old major was computer science until calc 2 fucked me over so now i'm an environmental studies major!! super happy with this major!

a few of my hobbies include cooking and gardening. my favorite thing to cook is stir fry. all my pasta dishes arent half bad either if i do say so myself. as for gardening, i grow herbs! i used to have a bunch of basil and parsley plants but those days are sadly over for the year. i got a lot of seeds from my basil plant that i look forward to growing next year! i also have two african violet plants, an orchid, and a marimo chilling on my desk. i hope in the future to have a large vegetable garden, but for now i'm stuck just growing what i can on my windowsill.