Alexa Seary

Student, Writer, and Artist in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

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Hello, my name is Alexa Seary! I am a student at Stockton University. My intended major is communications, I intend on to focus on advertising and marketing within my field, but am open to all the other wonderful opportunities within my major as well!

Besides communications, I have a passion for art and sculpture. I also love to film short films on the side with my production company. One of my dreams is to have a job where I am able to travel the world and experience all different cultures . I am very passionate about balance! I believe that prioritizing mental, physical, and emotional health are the key to achieving the most that you can as a person; and that being the best you is the key to happiness. I adore my family and friends and am appreciative to get a new opportunity for what the world has to offer every morning I get to wake out of bed!