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Alexandra Tom

Boston, MA

22 years old from San Francisco. Currently working as a Program Consultant for Cultural Care Au Pair at Education First. Recent graduate of Boston University with a double concentration in marketing and operations strategy. Interested in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Supporter of all types of volunteerism, especially in food justice, children, and the arts. Favorite volunteer experiences include:​
* Teaching elementary school kids art projects to promote art education

* Taking a road trip to Natchez, Mississippi to volunteer at center that for abused and neglected children

* Fighting hunger by to driving around Boston to pick up donated foods and drop them off at sites in need of food

After studying abroad in Madrid last Spring, I would love to someday return to Spain to live, eat all the tapas as humanly possible, and explore all of Europe and beyond.

  • Work
    • Lupoli Companies
  • Education
    • Boston University School of Management