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Alex Avendano

I am currently a strategist at Arke Systems and the Founder and Product Director at Yellow Grenades, an internet software development group focused on social, mobile, and cloud technologies. Prior to Arke and Yellow Grenades, I was the Director of Partner Engagement at the Stuzo Group, a leading Facebook application development company for Fortune 500 brands. At Stuzo, I worked to expand and lead the strategic partnerships of the company, focusing on sales and business development. Before discovering my passion for tech entrepreneurship at Stuzo, I had been a founding member of three startups and consulted for many others. Venturing into the entrepreneurial world at an early age, I opened Panosis, an enterprise similar to Geek Squad ™ today, while still in high school. During college, I developed Solid Foundation LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs develop business plans and marketing strategies as well as building Henry A. Davidsen LLC, a custom clothing and image consulting firm. I graduated from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania in 2007 with concentrations in Management and Entrepreneurship.