Alex Baker

Artist in Pasadena, Maryland

Alex Baker

Artist in Pasadena, Maryland

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It's yo boy,,,,cactus prince

Ay I'm Alex, I'm 15 and from the United States

I'm a (really bad) artist hoping to make a difference someday.

I usually make stuff regarding my original characters, but I do like making fan art as well.

I'm interested in lots of stuff, mainly Yuri!!! On Ice, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Seven Deadly Sins, Voltron, Bloodbank and Killing Stalking.

I do enjoy writing and hope to incorporate that into my work to create a comic someday.

I'm kin with a few characters. They are Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt), Omori, Fran Bow-Dagenheart, Yuri Plisetsky, Chara Dreemurr and Sal Fisher (Sally Face).

Please don't follow me if you're a double of any of them!! (Or if you are, don't mention it!!)

Thanks for reading 💕