Alex Beard

Owner of Alex Beard Studio and Artist in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Alex Beard is an American Painter and Author, best known for his elaborate wildlife compositions created in his signature style of gestural painting, which he has coined “Abstract Naturalism.” He is the Owner of the Alex Beard Studio, a fine art gallery housing Alex's original oil paintings, ink drawings, prints and books. His gallery at 608 Julia Street is both the creative hub of his artistic practice and a successful enterprise. The studio is open to the public to encourage and foster interaction between the artist and his audience.

Promoter of philanthropy, creativity, and exploration, Alex has traveled extensively to the some of the world’s most remote wildlife outposts - paintbrush in hand. His time in nature enables him to continually hone his style – creating complex compositions in which abstraction and figuration collide, while exploring themes of cultural and environmental interconnectivity.

An impassioned conservationist and philanthropist, Alex established The Watering Hole Foundation – a public charity engaged in saving endangered wildlife and preserving their environments. His documentary, Drawing the Line, fused his artistic talent with his dedication to preservation, chronicling the plight of the endangered Wild African Elephant, as seen through the eyes of a conservationist artist.

Alex has authored and illustrated a critically acclaimed trilogy of storybooks, produced a series of short films, and launched the Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles line in Barnes & Noble, Borders, Garnet Hill and other major retailers around the country in 2008.