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Alexander Besher

San Francisco, California, United States

Alexander (“Sasha”) Besher is the Philip K. Dick Award nominated author of Rim (HarperCollins, ‘94), book one of the internationally acclaimed Rim Trilogy (followed by Mir and Chi, Simon & Schuster, ’98 and ‘99), about a father-son-team of “consciousness detectives,” which was film optioned pre-Internet by film studios such as TriStar/Sony for Robin Williams. Born in China, raised and educated in Japan, son of Russian parents, he became a US citizen on April Fool’s Day in the Bicentennial year of 1976 and was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. He wrote an internationally syndicated weekly column, “Pacific Rim,” covering business, technology, and cultural trends in the Asia-Pac region for The San Francisco Chronicle. That led to his classic compendium, The Pacific Rim Almanac (HarperReference, '91, 826 pages) that FedEx released in an abridged edition for its Pacrim customers; also offered as a premium by The Asia Wall Street Journal. No accident, he walked smack dab into the early days of the PC revolution, wrote editorials for MacWorld and PC World, with publisher David Bunnell; mingled with young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, among other PC pioneers; and was gonzo contributing editor for Infoworld magazine. He consulted on Pacrim affairs for Global Business Network. Ancient history? A few decades later, he zoomed into the nexus of the mobile revolution as a transmedia innovator, producer, and consultant. He was the first to produce a sentient transmedia T-shirt (using QR Code) based on his futuristic novel, The Manga Man, first edition 2008, with the third edition of his wearable walking multiplex released in 2013. He made Hollywood jaws drop when, with Microvision, Inc., he launched the first “Film Festival in a Pocket” at Sundance Film Festival 2009. Next global transmedia platform: "Planet Spring!" about how to make climate change fun 'n real in real time social mediatainment based on his first YA novel, Long March of The Rubber Ducks.

  • Work
    • Our Planet Ourselves, Current Employer
  • Education
    • B.A., World Lit, major; Asian Studies, minor, Sophia University, Tokyo