Alex B. Hill

Currently a Community Health Worker in Detroit, Alex is working with families to reverse the effects of the childhood obesity epidemic among African-American adolescents. Alex holds a BA in International Relationsand African Studies from Michigan State University with specializations in International Development and Social Movements. Alex also has training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification.

Alex's projects and research focus on the need for greater community involvement in development at all levels and specifically highlights the intersections of power, privilege, and race in regards to health disparities, access to basic health care, and the social implications of medicine.

Alex founded SCOUT BANANA at age 14 and currently oversees the non-profit coalition of student groups focused on supporting community-based projects that provide for basic health needs and build the capacity of health systems across Africa.

Alex has worked with many non-profits engaged in global health and social justice around the world, including: SCOUT BANANA, FIT Families, Young People For, Movement Strategy Center, African Activist Archive, Vumundzuku-bya Vana 'Our Children's Future, and the Refugee Development Center.

Research areas: Impact of Apartheid on Health System and HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Africa Policies of the USA and China, Shifting the International Development Paradigm, Cooperatives and Social Movements, Health Disparities in Ghana, Privilege and Oppression in International Development

Workshops: Allies in Development: understanding paradigms of international development; Privilege in an International Context; Power, Privilege, Oppression, and You; Understanding Root Causes: mapping social change; Community Organizing Basics for Students; Consensus Building for Student Groups

Languages: English, Spanish, KiSwahili, French