Alessandro Bianco ... also known as Alex Leblanc

Rome, Latium, Italy

Alessandro Bianco ... also known as Alex Leblanc

Rome, Latium, Italy

A brief introducion to ... myself.

There's a duality in me: as a familiy man, with two lovely kids, a wife, "the usual fee(s) plus expenses" as Mark Knopfler sings, work has become more and more relevant in my life.

My expertise in all this years is related to the word "Customer Care". In my current role, or in the past, for example as a Receptionist as well as a Bellboy.

An appropriate language, my kindness, a good breeding (and a good knowledge of English language) have always made the difference.

On the other side there's an artist.

At one point in my life, while I was working in a 5-Star Hotel as a Bell Boy I have experimented all the pros and the cons of the showbiz and the music industry in Italy.

A worldwide-known indipendent italian label gave me (as a "self-taught" Producer) the opportunity in 2003 to release a song that became very quickly a number one Hit Single in all major Italian Dance Music charts... but very soon everything changed and I was forced to come back to an ordinary life ...

So I had the chance to continue in my hotel carrier. I became a Receptionist in 2008. Then in 2009 I've started working with HBG. Subsequently, while I was involved in my self-produced projects I've obtained a Steinberg Certification as a Sound Engineer in 2013 in order to achieve a better expertise of music production.

At the moment I'm focused strictly on my current job and my family. I create music just for pleasure ... but I'm looking for a better balance bewteen "The Man" & "The Artist".

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