Alexander Laurie Birchley BA.

Health Care Assistant in Selly Oak, United Kingdom

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Male 60, in my early middle age, reasonably well educated, and fairly politically aware. I only tend to be cynically questioning these days about certain things, like: Just what is the bloody point of reality TV shows? Where is professional football heading? and: Why is the current state of most journalism in the UK so appalling?

I like messing about with computers and spend a bit of time on the internet. Other interests include:- Freemasonry (Charity); Listening to Music (quite an eclectic taste); Genealogy / Family History (fascinating); Reading (mostly non-fiction); Walking and exploring local canals (good exercise); Watching old black and white movies, (you know: the ones with an actual story that can be intelligently comprehended) . Last but not least, visiting Welsh castles (It's the Mason in me I suspect and a love of history).

I tend to dislike most TV nowadays (moving wallpaper as my brother Allen would say), together with the annoying general rudeness of many people of all ages (civility costs nothing). Then there is also this totally unecessary tendency for having unnatural hair colour, plus excessive tattooing. (I blame certain sections of our silly media and of course David Beckham)

I now live here in the West Midlands in South-West Brum. Though I have two great kids from my time as a married man, whom I'm still on speaking terms with. I have also even managed to maturely still be on speaking terms with their mother.

I'm currently employed as a Health Care Assistant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here in Brum.

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