Alexander Andersen

Uppsala, Sverige

I'm Alexander Andersen, the first ever in my bloodlines to go head first into something called "acting" and this is my story.

I woke up from a dream a summer morning in 2007 with a feeling that can only be described as clearity. I can't remember what the dream was about but in that moment, I knew, I wanted to be an actor.

In 2008 I applyed for an acting school and got accepted, BUT I didn't have the money to go. So I saved for a year and in 2009 I applyed again, and guess what, I got accepted. Two wounderful years awaited me. It was terrifying but wounderful at the same time and this came to be the best time of my life.

I growed so much as a person during these two years, but not as much as an actor.
It actually took about 6 months after I finished my studies before it all landed and I counld make sense of everything I learned. I wish I could go back knowing what I know now and do it all again.

Almost a year after graduation I saw that LENOVO was looking for a leadrole for their new commercial campaign.
I went to Stockholm and showed off my skills. The next day, I got THE CALL. The lead was mine! Everything about it was hard to believe. I couldn't stop smiling, but as soon I hung up the phone my mind was all about what I can do to make this the best it can be.

This was my first payed acting job and the money was good. It also came to be the largest filmproduction in Sweden. Epic! Since then I've received alot of phone calls.

I've played the lead/supporting in ca 30 shortfilms, a hand full of theater plays and some commercials.
Now I'm trying to get into featurefilms, I believe that's where I belong and I'll give anything but up.

One of my favorite things about acting is that I get to be someone else, do things I wouldn't do myself, express emotions and react to situations in a way that I believe the character would do. I'm looking to find and create a deepness in my characters, a place within where the reason for action and true feelings are born.

I really want to thank you for reading and it would mean the world to me if you'd subscribe to my instagram, twitter and/or facebook page!
With Love - Alexander C Andersen

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