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Alex Chard

Alex Chard MSc, Director at YCTCS ltd. I have provided consultancy and organisational development services for over 20 years. I also have an academic context to my work where I focus on the use of systemic and dialogical organisational practices to create sustainable change. I also sometimes describe myself as a professional author, over the years much of my work has been published both in books and online, I am a member of the Society of Authors. I also provide editorial advice to Community Care Inform and I am a member of their editorial board.

My consultancy work has taken place within a wide range of public contexts including work within children's social care, youth criminal justice, education, youth work, and the third sector. I am trained and experienced in systemic management and consultancy. I frequently facilitate events and meetings including creating large whole system events. My extensive experience includes work with statutory boards and with management teams within a context of creating understanding and organisational alignment as well as raising standards and promoting performance.

A particular area of interest and specialism is enhancing the performance of management teams including reducing defensive routines that inhibit creativity and create conflict. In terms of practice development, I also work on projects within youth offending teams including around risk and creating organisational learning from critical incidents and serious case reviews.

Ten years ago I began to forge links between consultancy practice and academic theory. I am now a visiting lecturer and consultant to the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice (PDSP) at the University of Bedfordshire and I am working with faculty staff to redesign and re-validate the PDSP. When it is re-launched I will co-lead this programme. I am also currently completing a Professional Doctorate. My research interest is in how I use systemic consultancy skills to promote resilience, change and development within the public sector.