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Alexandre CHEMOUL


When I started my studies at Montpellier Business School, Iwas wondering about what I’m looking for with this diploma. By my internship,my teaching and my personnal experiences, I know now what I want for my job. Ihave discovered my interest for the sales and for the negotiation. I had aninternship of one year as a Sales Area Manager and it’s for me the best way ofstarting in the world of work when I will finish my studies. This job is perfectfor me, I’m curious and open-minded. These characteristics are really importantin order to be more effective in your job when you work in sales. Most of mypersonnal experience have learned me to be determined and ambitious in my lifeand those aspect are the most important aspect in my behaviour for my personnallife or at work.

I’m passioned about collective sports, which have improve mywork in a team and the facts that you can be more effective when you work in ateam. I have find this feeling in my work as a sales manager junior and it’simportant for me to work in a team in my future job.

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