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Alex Hinton

Some people say that "a bio is worth 1000 words." Typically I'd agree, especially if the bio is exactly 1000 words long.

Introductory Stuff

I'm from Newnan, GA, and I recently graduated from East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg, GA. Late into my senior year, I decided I was going to go to UGA for more school. Even later, I decided on majoring in International Affairs.

Post-Small Talk

So that brings us to here and now, on this website meant to introduce myself to you.What exactly is sointeresting about me that you couldn't resist looking up this exact page?

Lucky for you, I'll tell you! (Just the basics, though.)

For one, I've been traditionally considered a "band nerd." Indeed, for most of my teenage life, band was the only thing that entertained me; I spent countless hours on YouTube trying to watch every single band-related video known to man. (Okay, not really, but I hope the point got across.) In college, I have not yet had the pleasure of channeling my inner angsty teenager by hitting a drum, but I hope to some day ;)

Aside from band, I love music in general. Some of my favorite musicians are Imagine Dragons, Mumford and Sons, Bastille, One Republic, Taylor Swift, and Greenday. Politics, as messy as it can be, is also a love of mine. In addition to politics, I enjoy random quotes, Doctor Who, and writing (obviously).

Above all of these, however, is my love for my savior Jesus Christ. He has made a such profound difference in my life that words, despite all their great qualities, cannot adequately express my gratitude and passion.

As simple as I make myself out to be, people are rarely so incomprehensibly flat. Because of that, feel free to email me or slide into my DM's if you have any other questions!

  • Education
    • East Coweta High School