Alex Chuang

“Alex Chuang is energy, intelligence, style, and innovation personified. He is an idea-machine who will soon strategically conceptualize and efficiently deliver a product and/or service that makes the world a better place. He is an entrepreneur - or, for the right company, an intrapreneur - with a heart of gold and a vibrant social conscious." - John Horn, Associate Director at UBC Career Services.

Alex will soon redefine wealth and justify greed through his social enterprise, Weeve. As the Kickstarter of the non-profit and social enterprise world, Weeve is a revolutionary web-based platform that employs local businesses, volunteers, and individuals in the community to create community-generated funding for local non-profit organizations. Weeve users can earn coupons from local businesses by donating money or time to community projects. By offering coupons, businesses can increase visibility and expand customer base just like businesses do with Groupon; however, unlike Groupon, these businesses receive positive brand exposure by contributing to their communities

Alex will also be bringing life to the Internet through Whitespace, a clean, simple page that people would go to if they want to know what people are talking about on the Internet today. Eli Pariser, a reowned TED speaker, has warned us about online “filter bubbles” that could potentially block us from broadening one's worldview. With the combination of data visualization and viral aggregation, Whitespace aims to break the “filter bubbles” and offer daily doses of virality to its viewers.

Alex has recently graduated with a Masters of Management and an International Business designation from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is always looking for opportunities to change the world. Connect with Alex today!