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Jonathan Alexander López Cruz

Mexico City.

Recently winner on contest "Iniciativa Joven-Es por México" in category A and the topic "Employment and Entrepreneurship", he proposed to change the Science and Technology Law for improving the technopreneurship in universities and high schools because he thinks Mexico needs best jobs and start-ups.

He just graduated of Mechatronics Engineering in Chiapas Polytechnic University where he was programmer at LabVIEW training center and he designed some devices and learned advanced structures of LabVIEW. He did an Internship in Mechatronics Group of Electrical Engineering Department of Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV-IPN) where he designed a manipulator robot besides he worked with tech-transfer agency of CINVESTAV-IPN in activities to develop technopreneurship.

At the present, he's worldwide semi-finalist in the contest Go Green in the city 2014 organized by Schneider Electric Company, He was runner-up in national programming contest "LabVIEW Student Challenge 2013" and he has received the Entrepreneur Award by IOP Institute of Physics from UK.
Jonathan Alexander is interested in projects about science and technology and social improvement, consequently he's taken some courses, for instance:

Harvard University Global Systems Tools- INADEM

Intellectual Property- WIPO

Entrepreneurship workshop for Scientist and Engineers- IEEE, AMITE, CONACYT

Leadership Workshop- UPChiapas

Taller Jóvenes Emprendedores- Ministry of Economy

Beyond the technology, Jonathan Alexander is interested in Social Problems and its solution hence he participated in contest "Iniciativa Joven-Es por México" and he's candidate to attend to Young Diplomats Forum 2014.

Jonathan Alexander considers himself an entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary person and he's conscious that world -needs prepared young people in different fields with different skills able to face the challenges they have, he always tries to break paradigms and improve all around him.

  • Education
    • Universidad Politécnica De Chiapas