Alex Cory

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Project Manager in San Francisco, CA

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Build | Lead | Inspire

Sometimes, ordinary people, do extraordinary things, simply because they believe they can, and refuse to give up.

Alex is a very goals and results oriented person. He is a quick study to solving problems and finds the challenge rewarding. He is very proactive and curious which shows by his constant knack for initiating new opportunities. He's not one to sit and watch the grass grow, but rather one to feed it a little fertilizer. Sometimes he takes on too much but he is still working on fixing this. It's just hard when someone loves so many areas. He is always organizing, prioritizing, and trying to be as productive as possible. On an intellectual side some of his hobbies include watching TED talks as well as other inspirational vides, and reading. On the physical side, he enjoys mountain biking, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, and just being out in nature. His true passion though is through technology. On a deeper level his vehemence towards creating and discovering new things shows whenever he is demonstrating a new product.

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