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Alexander COTTON

User Experience Researcher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Alexander COTTON

User Experience Researcher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Hey all, my name is Alexander Cotton.

Feel free to check out MY RESUME or continue reading to learn more about me.

Through the combination of my technical skills and artistic creativity I am looking to make a serious impact. I love working with others sharing the same passion to make a difference.

I was named one of the Top 10 College Entrepreneurs of 2011 by Entrepreneur Magazine. My semi-finalist video submission, pitching my company, Buckle Blocker LLC, can be seen HERE.

I am a graduate of Michigan Technological University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Economics. I have been working with John Deere since June 2012, and continue to be excited by opportunities to pair my technical skills with creative exploration. My aspiration is to act as an intrapreneur and advance my employer to new heights through technical innovations and new ways of marketing products to consumers.

I am also very interested in real estate, human factors, operations research, and alternative energy solutions. I will be happy as long as I am helping people and in a position of creative control.

I have 2 years work experience on a Honda shift systems engineering team (projects have included the Pilot, Accord, and Civic programs). I was very involved in the Science Olympiad program, and have been awarded three individual engineering event national championships.

I also specialize in photography and graphic design. My true passion lies in entrepreneurship and working with people. My main project throughout college was a child safety device that prevents premature seatbelt release, the Buckle Blocker. I am always interested in working with others and spit-balling ideas for new projects. Just get in touch with me.