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Alex Courter

New Jersey

Alex Courter

New Jersey

Alex Courter (often masquerading under the pseudonym, Hinoko Muhomono) is a young man of the age of 18. Alex decided after reading his father's novel, "Moths to a flame", that he would take the characters which had been developed in his little head since Alex was the age of 6, and give them a place to call their own. That place is the debut novel by Alex D.K. Courter, Return of the Dragon Knights, the first book in the Legends of Entraydia series. Which was written for the 2010 Nanowrimo contest and published mid-summer of 2012 as an eBook on (link below).

Okay. I got the third-person point of view out of my system so lets talk straight. I love writing, and I know many others who love it too. But there are also alot of people who struggle. They either don't know what to do, or how to do it, while some are just starting, or maybe they are well experienced and just stuck. And there are still others who simply want to improve their skill. I have been in all of these roles.

To all aspiring Authors: The one lesson I have found that I could share quickly right here with you is: Learning Equals Power. Meaning your skill and your ability to craft excellent story, characters, and prose, is based on the work you put into honing your craft by experience and by knowledge you gain from studying the art of writing.

Because of this, I am dedicated to helping others learn how to write. This quest led me to co-founding Serious Writers Block. Our goal at Serious Writers Block is to help serious writers share their stories and message, and leave a lasting legacy.

Continue doing what you love, and if you happen to be like me, then let your writing adventure begin.

Alex's works:

Legends of Entraydia: Return of the Dragon Knights. Published

Legends of Entraydia: Shadow over Mysteria.

PerfectWorld: Forbidden Knowledge. Work in progress

Muhomono: Search for the sword of Desparro. Work in progress

Please enjoy our free training videos from our periodic blog posts on Serious Writers Blog, the blog by and for the serious writer in all of us (Link below).

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