Alex Craxton

London, u.k.

Ex-Northants boy living in London. To slightly miss-quote Alan Partridge 'Northampton is not such much a way of life ... it's an attitude'. Packed my bags and moved to the gleaming lights of London in 2000 and now in leafy South West London. Trained some-years-ago as a software engineer at University but steadily grew into a product manager on a mix of mobile and web products. Interestingly have been in several startups over 20 years that have successfully made it through acquisition ... and the odd few that didn't! Keen to run, work and live with products that make a real difference to other people's lives.

Currently working as a product manager for Concur in the corporate travel space. Concur acquired conTgo (joined in early 2012) and continue the Risk Management focus on corporate employee and traveller safety using a mix of mobile channels.

Many years ago (whilst at University), a once active musician, but now past it (ie no new ideas) keyboard and synthesizer lover. Some examples are available for you to endure on Sloudcloud. Also can be found watching (not playing obviously) Northampton Saints Rugby ... you have to coming from that part of the country!

For my sins, not just happy working a normal job, was co-founder of Mobile Monday London in late 2005, now an advisory board member since June 2011. Mobile Monday London is a grass-roots community for the mobile sector, encouraging cross-discipline engagement and education whilst championing innovation. Over 10,000 members with an online presence with a monthly conference event of 200 attendees, it is now one of the largest and most active of its kind globally.

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