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alex dani

Hello, I am a photographer, for the last 2 years living and working in Spain. If you live in Europe, and need a portfolio I can do it very quickly and efficiently, if you have some ideas but don't know how to put your words into photopaper - write me and I will help you.

My photo vision is a mixture of realistic and surrealistic approaches. I am still 26, have my PhD in Philology, and had worked as University professor in the past. Since 2008 I have started professional photography career and realized that it is the only thing that makes me happy and alive, like Michael Donovan (who switched to photography at 30) I am curious about shooting portraits, fashion and commercial photos. My goal is to work with GQ, Esquire and V at the age of 30. With your help I will succeed. As a rule I shoot on Leica and middle format cameras. best Alex Dani