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Alex David Jimenez

Born to Armando and Alicia Jimenez, Alex was born in El Paso Texas. While growing up, he was prominently focused on the arts as a from of expression. Music and Literature particularly fueled him on a daily basis. He took every opportunity to partake in various theatrical and musical productions, and was a dedicated member of his school’s Student Government.

In 2001 Alex attended the University of Texas at El Paso. He expanded his crafts, studying several different mediums including Theatre Arts, Music Composition, Film and Television, Psychology, and English Literature. He received praises from the University’s top professors and was regarded as one of the top actors in his class.

In 2003, Alex was accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York/Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and spent a year at the academy escalating his talents and exploring his craft as a writer. After a year of study he was invited back for a second year of study, and chose to attend in New York.

Alex moved to New York in mid 2005 where he continued to study acting at A.M.D.A. Upon completion, he began to audition diligently for films and plays, showcasing his singing, acting and writing skills. He was proud to make his directorial debut in late 2005 when he directed a short Off-Off Broadway play called “Rebellion of a Henpecked Husband,” in New York’s theatre district. He has been attending auditions and writing many of his own projects since then, including two television shows entitled “Millenniums”© and “Republica”©, and a stage play entitled “A Triangle Below Canal”©.

Alex is extremely appreciative of his family for all of their love and support.