Alex Davies

Journalist in Berkeley, CA

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I'm a tech journalist with deep experience writing about transportation, with a particular focus on self-driving and electric vehicles, and other elements of the future of how we get from A to B.

My book on the history of the race to create the self-driving car, *Driven*, comes out in January 2021 from Simon & Schuster. Check it out above.

Most recently, I spent six years as an editor and writer for WIRED, whose transportation section I launched in 2016. My book about the origins of the self-driving car industry, 'Driven', will be published in January 2020 by Simon & Schuster.

At WIRED, I focused primarily on autonomous vehicles, but my team and I covered everything in the world of transportation, from designing bike lanes to infrastructure funding to the traffic-busting science of the presidential motorcade. I wrote features about how General Motors beat Tesla in the race to build the affordable, long-range electric car (WIRED's February 2016 cover story), on X, Alphabet's "moonshot factory," Ford's bid to ready itself for the self-driving future, and more.

I formerly covered the same topic for Business Insider, and have worked as a freelancer for TreeHugger and Discovery.

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    • Macalester College