Alejandra M. del Rey


Multimedia journalist with professional experience in media outlets and international organisations such as El Mundo, NATO and Plan International, bringing up-to-date expertise in online strategic communications, news writing, social media management, storytelling and photography.

My highlights:

-Experienced writer on international politics, human rights, development, and abreast of trending issues for different European audiences.

-Social media-savvy, knowledgeable about curating content, campaign strategy and implementation, monitoring and KPIs. Skillful with a wide range of software, and eager to keep discovering others.

-Keen storyteller, always insisting on combining all multimedia tools to give an innovative and comprehensive overview in just a look.

-All comms editor: content, pics and videos.

-Improving Arabic as 5th spoken language, a challenging and fulfilling goal.

  • Work
    • Multimedia Journalist & Social Media Strategist
  • Education
    • Journalism
    • International Relations
    • arab studies
    • african studies
    • human rights