Alex Denver

Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Hello there, I'm Denver from the State of India, I come from a small town called Mangalore Born in the mid 90's i had good time with early game consoles like the FamiCom grew large interest in Gaming entertainment like every other person. As of today i am a Web Designer, a interest definitely not a long term

Note: Not every paragraph is related.

I tend to slip out of conversation that i'm fully aware and knowledgeable of, because sometimes its just not worth the time.

I'm a very (very) good person once you get to know me,I have been known to be slow at getting social in the real world, and once i get to know you better you're my friend (if i talk to you, you're my friend :D). I always like people who are nice (and f'ing awesome) but sometimes i get the stereotypes . If i were you i wouldn't 'brag' about ANYTHING in my proximity, We all know that no one likes 'one'
be Nice to me, you'll gain a friend who'll never leave your side

I consider myself and see within me a potential to become Programmer/Developer, With right quantities of knowledge everyday i might also be one. Until the laziness strikes Out i'm going to keep considering, As of now i have a good kowledge in C++,Ruby,PHP,JS,HTML/CSS...

I'm leaving my code into this world as my Mark!
I Learn Through Online Resources, Years from now i'll be having my Degree, but then again Degree is just a piece of paper
I'm no fanboy, i like things by its potential. #GeekforLife
In the neighbourhood? Lets grab some energy!
Atheist by Choice, Controversial

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