Alex Dincovici

Holding a PhD in sociology, my main research areas are the anthropology/sociology of the body, material culture, embodiment and combat sports. I also hold an MA in anthropology, a BA in sociology and another BA in political science, with a focus on comparative politics.

I have written and published a few academic articles as well as a few book chapters (a short list can be found here) and do not intend to stop, as more writing and publishing projects are currently going on.

I am also into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, enjoy reading a good novel and watching movies and, of course, I love my wife and son and cherish every moment spent with them.

I have done some color commentating on national television for various fighting events, have also been involved in other more or less serious jobs, such as a research position within a state agency or various freelance translating or creative writing gigs and spent a lot of doing doing research of all kinds, mostly academic and marketing.

I am currently teaching an Anthropology of the body course at the NSPSA in Bucharest (graduate level), from time to time other courses at undergraduate level (such as Focus Groups) and am also teaching, on and off, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I also own my own business since the beginning of 2014, IziBiz Consulting, mainly dealing with market research and organizational research and diagnosis.

I'm always looking for a challenge, and you can get in touch with me if you have similar research interests or ideas.