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Alex Done - About Me

Hi I'm Alex, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Bardsley in Oldham. At High School I gained a GCSE qualification in Engineering and a BTEC in Science. Alongside school, I attended College for one day each week, where I learned about Plastering, Joinery, Brick Laying and Painting and Decorating.

My favourite area to study was painting and decorating, which is why I chose to continue to study it when I left High School. I am now studying a Level 1 Diploma in Painting and Decorating for 3 days each week at College. I hope to go into a Painting and Decorating apprecticeship at the end of the course.

When I left school, I also worked as a painter and decorator for 12 months. Whilst working for this company I fitted a number of big shops across the UK. I worked well as part of a team of people on these projects, and I gained good preperation skills, as it was important that all of the materials were prepared correctly. I also developed a good understanding of health and safety, as each day at work I had to wear the appropriate clothing and make sure the site was safe.

My ambition is to own my own Painting and Decorating business, and I plan to work my way up from being an apprentice. In my spare time I like playing football, chilling out with my mates and listening to house music.