Alex D

For me writing starts off in the fast lane. Ideas pop into my head in the beginning and I cruise through the opening and beginning statement, but as a come to a turn in detail I slow up. I will put down great ideas, but I sometimes lose my thoughts and come to a halt in the paper. Even in a simple essay like this one, I wrote for a little while, but then I had to rethink my thoughts. I go with what comes to mind, almost spontaneously.

I compare my writing to me being the driver in a racecar. My initial start is good, but I am always in the middle of the pack until the end. When I come into a road bump, I have to stop and redirect my boring thoughts, into something I can give detail to. On the final lap, I will write for as long as it takes to finish putting in as much as I can, and trying not to lose focus. Photo By Carlos Galarza