Alex Drechsler


Alex Drechsler writes for several blogs and contributes to various online magazines. In addition, she is a correspondent for

Alex's 'TheAlexReviews' puts a fresh, new spin on writing as she blogs about her ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Reporting on topics such as events, television, movies, lifestyle, fashion and more, the blog has readership in 37 countries and counting. TheAlexReviews is a one-stop-shop for a dose of interesting and in-depth coverage, honest reviews, and exciting new announcements. Paired with Alex's dazzling flair for writing and active community life, readers enjoy her weekly release of new articles.

Featuring posts on documentaries and films entered in to the annual festival, introduces the submitted films, highlights various countries worldwide, and educates viewers on third world issues that have arisen. Topics range from overseas foreign workers, lack of natural resources, war, immigration and more. From short, feature, silent and animated films, all submissions are reported on the blog to give readers a quick overview and teaser before the screening.

EXQUISE Magazine (Contributor)

"For exquisite tales and adventures in Food, Wine, Travel and the Gentry of Taste and Style from SF to NY and wherever else our senses and cultural curiosities take us."