Alex Exum

Los Angeles

Actor, director and writer Alex Exum has appeared in numerous theater and film projects, and has displayed a versatility and range that has allowed him to showcase his talents across an array of genres.

It started in the early 90's as a founding member of the Urban Ensemble Theater Collective; a Bridgeport based non-profit theater company. Alex starred in virtually all of the Urban Ensembles productions, including "Urban Renewal", "American Labor", "State of the Union", and "Circles Of Desire".

In addition to his work with Urban Ensemble, Alex has appeared in numerous productions, with some of his most memorable roles include the evil Frank Charles in the frontier drama "Flyin West", the lovable Doaker in "The Piano Lesson" and the snobbish George in "A Raisin In the Sun".

Over the last several years Alex has worked on several independent and feature films, including "Cupcake", "The Crystal Ballroom" and most recently the feature film "Assault of the Sasquatch" with Synthetic Cinema Int'l slated for release on Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand March 1 of 2010, and Special Edition DVD October 19, 2010.

Alex also recently fulfilled a long time dream; to direct a full length play in New York City, with the musical drama "The Composition of Herman Melville" at the Metropolitan Playhouse American Legacy Theater in the East Village. He also recently produced a stage version of his newly written play, "The Last Joint".