Alexey Kolyanov

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Current Job: Software Development Engineer


Software Development Engineer at RingCentral
QA Automation Engineer at RingCentral
Automation Test Engineer at Exigen Services
Test Engineer at Teleca (Telma Soft)

Education: High

Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University named after R.Y. Alekseev (NSTU)


I am interested in software projects related to automation of routines. I have a lot of experience of multi-component difficult services design and development.



* Software architecture
* Ruby
* Python / Django / Celery
* RabbitMQ
* HTML/Javascript/CSS
* MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle
* WSH: JScript/VBScript
* C++
* .NET: VB.NET, C#
* Pascal/Delphi
* x86 assembler
* VBA/Basic