Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev has been known for his decency and efficiency. Russian and foreign firms have used his services and remained happy. Alexey Zimarev invested in a variety of projects and changed many jobs till the time he at last realized who he was Recently he is creating some project nevertheless not much has been reported about it. The new job has been quite a mystery and will be quite unexpected to the audience. Alexey Zimarev was born in Saint-Petersburg in 1985. His mother was Russian nevertheless his father was Chinese. This man learnt Chinese language from his father and even spent several years in China as an adult. His father's Chinese impact was stimulating. This man's hairdo, choice of clothes, manners, all this reveils his devotion to Chinese decoration. He went to school in Russia and decided on the UK to continue his education.At that time he got married with Joanna, a Scottish girl who gave birth to their son. . Interior design has always interested Alexey Zimarev Gaining extremely profound education in the field in England he later returned to Russia and organized a tiny company that very soon received popularity. His family supported him. You will never forgetthe style of Alexey Zimarev.Having deep perception of the two cultures this man mixes eastern decor with European fashion in a way that nobody can do.