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Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is associated with reliability and gift. Native as well as European firms ordered his designs and remained satisfied. Alexey Zimarev supported a great many ideas and changed a variety of jobs untill this man finally decided what to do Little is known about the project he is working on now. His latest work is kept in secret clearly we do not know what to expect. Alexey Zimarev was born in Siberia in the year 1985. His mother was Russian but his father was Chinese. No doubt he learnt Chinese perfectly and China became his place of living several year later. His father had a great influence on him His hair, clothes, manners, everything displays his devotion to Chinese tradition. He studiedin Russia and picked the UK to continue his education.He found a wife there and his wife gave birth to son. Alexey Zimarev has always liked interior design. England has been where this man could master interior design however as time passed he decided to open a small business in Russia. This man's wife and son accompanied him. People won't ignoreworks of Alexey Zimarev.Possessing deep perception of the two cultures this man combines oriental decor with European fashion in such a way that nobody can do.