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Alex F. Bouri

Alex F. Bouri has revolutionized the cement industry on a global scale through his development of Seament Holding. Bouri may seem like your typically son, husband, and father, but his story of ambition, dedication, and intuitive entrepreneurial skills is truly inspiring though his involvement with numerous countries rising out of the cement/industrialization crises.

The concrete solution. Seament Holding began operation in the 1950’s and has been a fast growing cementations product company ever since. They offer their quality goods and services to people around the world through their manufacturing expertise, unique floating terminals, and versatile distribution systems. Seament believes that in order to continue its successful cement production to a global market, they must continue on a path of superior service through efficiency, responsibility and competitive pricing to all the markets in which they operate. Clients are their priority and their reputation has become their most valuable asset. Seament today is the world’s foremost independent cement distributor providing the most efficient solutions to a cement crisis.

Who is Alex F. Bouri? Bouri began his entrepreneurial adventure after graduating from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Business Administration. Although Bouri’s first job was selling insurance, he quickly acquired the business skills to get his cement trading ambitions into motion. In the 1980’s Bouri had already developed a reputation for himself as the “Cement King.”
Alex Bouri is married today with 5 children who have taken a place in the family cement legacy. He is still active in the industry as a chairman for Seament but spends much of his time now with family and his main hobby of agriculture.

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