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Alex Fender

AlexFender has been intrigued by the internet since the days we used to boot upwith AOL CD’s they would send in the mail. He created his first website in the8th grade, his first database in the 10th grade, anddeveloped his Marine Corps unit’s training database at 19 years old.

Alexjoined the United States Marine Corps immediately out of high school andgraduated Cum Laude with a BS in Management from Columbia College while in theservice. During and after his tenure in the Marine Corps, Alex started threebusinesses and sold two of them, attributing 100% of his success to internetmarketing to acquire both customers and buyers.

Alex isthe founder and president of Funnel Science, a marketing analytics company andCertified Google Partner which scientifically analyzes and optimizes digitalmarketing campaigns. By analyzing customer purchasing behavior through websiteanalytics, Funnel Science can drill down the exact path that increases purchase-drivenbuying behavior and online sales.

In 2012,Alex became one of only 91 people in the United states who have completed allGoogle certifications in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and thatsame year, Funnel Science achieved Google Certified Partner status. In 2013,Funnel Science achieved the coveted Google All Stars status, and Alex and his teamwere invited to present at Google Headquarters.


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