Alex Gerardo Torres Leon

Software Engineer in Colombia

My name is Alex, my second name is Gerardo and my last name is Torres Leon. I am 22 years old, I am from Cartagena and my nationality is Colombian, my email is, my cellphone number is 3008686957 and my address is Consolata Apple Q lt 1, I'm a student of system engineering and my occupation is Programmer in Zeus Tecnologia S.A.

I live with my parents, my mom's name is Aljady and her second name is Patricia, she is 40 years old, she is a health manager and she is pretty; and my father's name is Alexander, his last name is Torres Figueroa, my father is very tall, he has dark skin, he is 42 years old; their hobbies are playing chess and doing exercise, I have two brothers, they are Alejandro and Alexander, Alejandro is 17 years old and Alexander is 12 years old, their hobbies are listening to music and playing soccer. They don’t have any allergies, Alexander's hair is black and Alejandro’s hair is brown, Alexander is tall and Alejandro is short. My hair is brown, my eyes are light brown, I’m tall and thin. My blood type is O positive and I don’t have any allergies.

My daily routine is wake up and get up at seven o'clock, I take a shower, I brush my teeth and I eat my breakfast.

My favourite color is blue, my favourite place is my house, my favourite food is fish, my favourite drink is beer, my favourite object is my cellphone, my favourite clothing are the shoes, my favourite sport is soccer, my favourite music is rock, my favourite band is slipknot, my favourite month is December because It’s my birthday. My hobbies are play chess and watch movies.

I like to travel and I like to create softwares and web pages. I don’t like getting up early, loud sounds, long waits and injustice.