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Alex Gogan

I have been and are an adviser to a number of technology companies including NTL (formerly Cablelink) where I was instrumental in setting them up as one of Europe's first Broadband Internet company, Philips Broadband Networks, Com 21 (one of worlds largest cable and DSL modem manufacturers), First Tuesday, Department of Public Enterprise of Ireland, Internet Advisory Board and several venture capital companies. My advice lead to one company netting a profit of over €65 million in one sale. I have also given many talks on Internet related topics to a wide range of audiences and was invited to speak at the Access 2000 Conference in Barcelona, a broadband technology conference relating to content and maximizing profit. I was the keynote speaker in Brussels on IP Security and in Istanbul on "Developing Internet Services your Customers Want" for COM21. I was the RoadShow speaker for Phillips conferences in London and Paris on “How Your Customers Will Use the Internet Now and in the Future”. A marketing graduate, Alex previously worked for several of Irelands leading Advertising and communications companies.