Alex Goldenberg

Producer, director, and cast member of the online documentary film, Voices That Heal, selected for the 2014 online film festival, Spirit Enlightened. The Spirit Enlightened Film Festival is sponsored by Culture Unplugged.

In this 99 minute telling of 6 journeys of healing and transformation, we feel that we have produced a heartfelt, courageous, and uniquely honest blend of provocative thoughts and reflections about how our journeys have led us from a space of darkness and confusion to a place of hope, recovery, light, and well-being. From wherever we come, we all search for satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment in life.

In addition, we discuss candidly how social ills contribute powerfully to our mental and emotional states of being, and how these issues are repeatedly ignored and/or denied in the context of psychiatric diagnoses.

Please watch Voices That Heal by clicking on either link below. If you visit my website, go to 'Voices That Heal/Media' tab to find the link, along with audience feedback.