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Alex Green Penn State

University Park,PA,US

A resident of Worcester, Pennsylvania, Alexander Green graduated from the Pennsylvania State University. He received his bachelor of science in security and risk analysis, with an emphasis in information and cyber security. He also minored in information sciences and technology, and has taken courses in cyber forensics and decision theory/analysis. Moreover, Alex Green interned for Penn State’s Information Technology Services (ITS). His position required him to check for vulnerabilities and risks on the ITS website. Additionally, for over a year he held a consulting position whereby he offered technical support to students and faculty at Penn State.

Alex Green uses his technological expertise to fuel his passion for music. He composes and produces songs by using digital audio workstations to record, mix, and master various pieces. Additionally, he is proficient in MIDI programming, focusing especially on drums. He particularly enjoys recording guitar covers, where he swaps out the guitar track in popular songs for his own. Sometimes he replaces all of the elements of the original song, save for the vocals, with his own performances of guitar, bass, and drums. Many of his pieces can be found on YouTube under his username GuitarABC1.

  • Work
    • Penn State Information Techonology Services
  • Education
    • Pennsylvania State University