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Alexandre Guertin

Alex is on a quest to follow his dreams, travel the world, build successful business ventures, contribute in a positive way to the world and live a great life. Alex comes from an entrepreneurial family that founded the first and only chain of health-food supermarkets in the province of Québec in Canada. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in finance from McGill University in Montréal, Québec where he had the opportunity to obtain extensive international experience on a one-year student exchange to Mexico. Alex has experience managing 40+ employees in a retail setting, providing risk management for a pension fund with assets exceeding $200 billion CAD, being an account executive for a sub-prime mortage lender, and working in sales for L’Oréal Canada. This led him to go on a trade mission to Ecuador and Panama in August and then to Argentina in November of 2009. He also brought youth delegations from around the world at the official G8 and G20 youth summits in Canada and organized a fashion show during the F1 week-end in Montreal. He founded Aliam Global Ventures to leverage all the incredible opportunities he sees when abroad and at home. Through this venture, he has founded ICARUS HEAT with Rackam Design, the creator of a CSP system (, to commercialize this renewable energy technology with great potential.He speaks many languages (fluency in French, English, Spanish, and soon Portuguese) and on a quest to add one new language every year. His passion for lifestyle design led him to where he is today and he’s looking forward to getting to know more like-minded people. What’s next? Alex plans on being involved in many different business ventures (offline and online), learn more languages, live some amazing experiences from his Bucket List ( and try to help better the world, one step at a time.