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Alex Guest

I've spent the last few years involved in the colliding Internet and TV spaces. Today you'll find me being the marketing director of TVCatchup. I also founded TV Pixie and was previously the UK country manager for Zattoo. I'm a business and marketing person, who can write a tiny bit of code.

I take on consulting and advisory work for interesting projects and act as a mentor for UCL Advances.

Way back, I also worked on Black Nun and The Blind Squirrel.

For fun, I helped set up Shoreditch Sharks RFC - the East London youth rugby club - with some funding and assistance from the RFU; and I was the U17s coach.

I ran my first marathon in October 2010. It hurt a little. The second one hurt a little more. The third one, however, was nicer. And I got addicted.

I wish I could play the sax like John Coltrane. Or Maceo Parker. Or Paul Desmond. Genius.