Alex Heidt

Alex Heidt, DC, USA

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Alex Heidt was honored by his alma mater Strayer University as one of its successful graduates of all time. Alex, who earned his JD and Master of Finance degrees from Strayer, was named "Alumni of the Year" in 2012. Alex had led a decorated career in the defense industry for decades, which ultimately drew the attention of Strayer, along with his diverse and high-profile clientele with whom he continues to work to this day.

Alex established his own law firm, Heidt Law Firm, as well as his own consultancy, Insignia Consulting Group. Prior to this Alex Heidt worked as Senior VP at Alion Science and Technology in Washington, DC; his appointment to the role was noted by industry outlets such as Washington Exec and GovConWire. He also rose through the ranks at numerous defense firms, including Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation.

Alex Heidt continues to lead in the industry, relying on a combination of "old school" professionalism and innovative new methods for helping businesses maximize their enterprise value. Insignia's Power Ranking© in particular is crucial for company executives, flag officers, and high level government officials who need to pursue business opportunities.