Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch is a Musician/Song-Writer/Producer born in 1966 in New York City. He learned to love music at 2 years old, when his father exposed him to a record called "Tommy" by THE WHO. Alex was mesmerized by the beautiful melodies and the overall suspended feel of the great rock band and within three month he learned and memorized the words to the entire album. See his father talking about it here: He learned to play piano at 9 years old, while living in boring Reseda California. A couple of years later he found weed and the Beatles, begged his mother for a guitar and the rest is continuing history! Many years later Alex is still creating new original music weekly. Thank the Universe for YOU TUBE where Alex has more than 20 original radio ready songs to get blown away by. Just and enjoy the timeless music of this prolific artist.
For a review of Alex Hirsch's critically acclaimed album titled, "Naturally", please click this link: