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Alex Blake Hocking


Alex Jeremy Blake Hocking was born on November 12 1990, in Adelaide, Australia. He is the son of Tracey Katavich and Wayne Hocking. He has a sister, Samantha. Alex first made his mark in the industry at the age of 16 when he created, photographed and wrote for an online indie and pop culture magazine, which he successfully ran for just over 2 years.

This led to meeting and working with many inspiring people from all across the industry such as musicians, directors, actors and models. From here on, he was hooked. (Notable meetings include; Michael Paynter (Australian Musician), Melissa Joan Hart (American Actress), Autumn Reeser (American Actress) and Miranda Kerr (Australian Supermodel). Alex also attended the Melbourne premier to film, High School Musical 3, along with actors Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale and Director Kenny Ortega, which was held on the day of his 18 Birthday.

During his time with the magazine, while working on a few local movie productions and music videos, Alex landed a job as an events photographer, shooting runway shows. At the age of 18 he made a very impromptu, move interstate to Sydney for several months. Although having made a few friends, Alex packed up and moved back to Adelaide to pursue his career further.

When back in Adelaide Alex co-wrote the script for a full-length feature film, which he planned to produce and direct but as the timing was not right, the project was benched. Soon after Alex began to work on creating a clothing line of graphic printed t-shirts (originally labeled as ‘AH designs’), now known as “78PLATINUM tees”. In Feb 2012 after two years of development, the first collection was launched for sale globally. Alex personally photographed and edited each design on all the t-shirts, majority of the featured models being his good friends. Alex now lives in Melbourne, continues to run and work on the front line of 78PLATINUM tees as well as being a full-time freelance Fashion Stylist, all while documenting his ventures on his fashion lifestyle blog ‘’ where his works are predominately as a stylist, photographer and hobby chef.

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    • Stylist, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Blogger