Alexia Petrakos

Morris County, NJ

I bridge gaps. Distill concepts. I speak both Geek & Regular Joe fluently, so it’s pretty easy for me to translate both ways. And that’s also where I found myself most of my career. Between the artists and the geeks, graphic designers and coders, project managers and database engineers. This is where I thrive and this is where I bring the most to the table.

For those interested in the whole personality thing, as I obviously am, here's where I fall:
Enneagram: Four with a Five-wing (the Individualist/Bohemian)
Fascination Advantage: The Subtle Touch (Mystique + Passion)
StrengthsFinder: Adaptability, Strategic, Intellection, Input, Ideation
DISC: Communicator
Jungian Archetype: Creator, Sage, Rebel
Voice Values: Enthusiasm, Intimacy, Depth

  • Work
    • Talkspace
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts Psychology