North Charleston, South Carolina

God created the heavens and the Earth. He created light and darkness, animals.One day, God got this WONDERFUL idea to create this one specific baby. He added a pinch or sugar, a dash of spice, and a handfull of EVERYTHING nice, and on November 30th, 1994, begat a beautiful baby girl named Alexia Le'Che Rodgers. Yeah , that's Me.

Hey everyone, My name is Alexia, but since I started to attend Charleston Southern University, everyone just started calling me Lex. I have 3 beautiful younger sisters (you'll be seeing my youngest sister Desiree' a lot), and 3 younger brothers. I'm an Early Childhood Education Major (Lexi Luhh Da Kids). My life is pretty simple.

I'm your typical fashion loving, thrift shopping, natural hair junkie who loves to experience new things and share them with others. I realised that God's purpose for me is to give and to help others, and that's what i plan on doing with my new blog ( . I love learning new things, so feel free to e-mail me and share new things so I can share them with everyone else. I will be sharing hair tips, diy fashion tips, reciepts, make up tips. and even messages from the Man himself. My goal is to bring out OUR inner beauty, together, and be FABULOUS !

  • Education
    • Conway High School
    • Charleston Southern University