Alexiei Dingli

Dr Alexiei Dingli B.Sc.IT Hons (Malta), Ph.D (Sheffield), MBA (Grenoble) was born on the 29th December 1979 and lived in Valletta. Educated at De La Salle College and later, he obtained a First Class a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Malta. Immediately after, he continued his studies at the University of Sheffield (UK) where he pursued in a record time of two years, a Doctorate (Ph.D) in Computer Science. His work was praised by international Professors and it was awarded a World Class status where it was also published in four books and in about thirty prominent conferences on the subject. Upon his return to Malta, he worked as a Senior Manager with the Employment and Training Corporation and is today a Lecturer at the Department of Artificial Intelligence within the University of Malta. In these past years, he also managed to obtain a Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in Technology Management from the Grenoble Business School (France) where he graduated with distinction. In 2005, he contested the Valletta Local Council elections where he was elected as a councillor and in 2008 he became Mayor of the Capital City. In Valletta he created the Valletta Community Network, a registered NGO, working in the social dimension. He is now working on the promotion of the Valletta Brand and the setting up of a commercial cooperative in the city aimed at reviving the city. Together with his team of councillors, he is committed to restore the city to its former glory and prestige.