Alexi Harding

Senior Managing Director at The Opes Group in New York

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Alexi Harding is a business executive with a storied career in insurance, private equity, and venture capital.

After seeing the mismanagement of capital access for companies and entrepreneurs over the last decade, Alexi teamed up with a small group of trustworthy colleagues to create The Opes Group. Harding realized that the private equity sector of the United States economy was broken. All too often, prospective entrepreneurs were being financed by the wrong sources, and then as a result were left out to dry. Alexi Harding and The Opes Group seek to rectify this tremendous error in the system by providing unique and unparalleled financial services that partner the right source of capital with the right entrepreneur.

With three customized verticals of business like advisory services, capital solutions, and a unique knowledge network of business experts, The Opes Group provides individuals and companies with end-to-end guidance and opportunities for growth.

The aforementioned advisory services encompass business planning, operational restructuring, sales and marketing services, and a host of other additional services in order to provide the best possible chance for your venture to succeed.

In regards to capital solutions, The Opes Group arranges debt and equity financing solutions from traditional lenders to private sources, such as middle-market funds and EB-5 channels.

However, perhaps the most significant facet to The Opes Group value is its extensive knowledge network. By providing access to a wealth of seasoned professionals, The Opes Group is able to aid clients in redefining their business goals strategies.

Alexi Harding is also active in nonprofit organizations and community work. He is proud to work with a team of similar-minded people at the Opes Group, and many of the company's employees volunteer their services at local events.

By encouraging a workplace culture steeped in altruism, Alexi has established an unparalleled close-knit bond between coworkers. By standing together to help others, employees have learned to stand together to help the company as well. The value of cooperation cannot be overstated, and Alexi sees such collaboration first-hand, both when serving the underprivileged and their client.

Outside of work, Alexi Harding is an avid runner and participates in multiple walks and runs, like the New York City Marathon. Alexi appreciates the mental endurance that running cultivates. He also appreciates the relationships that the sport fosters.