Alex Inman

Miami, FL

I have spent the past several months exploring the US by motorcycle, car and plane. Living a life of adventure has been amazing and rewarding. I have explored new places, met new people all thanks to the chosen luxury of free time.

Throughout my travels I also turned my exploration inward and have devoted a lot of time to writing - an unexpected pleasure I never considered until I had the time and freedom to do it. Following the advice of Jack London I wrote at least 1,000 words a day and quickly had an 80,000 word manuscript. $200 from Panic is an exploration in the prevention of chaos following natural and man-made disasters. The purpose is to outline possible scenarios and highlight necessary supplies that will ensure an individual's, and ultimately society's, safety after devistation has occurred. It is currently in the editing phase and I look forward to having this published within the next few months.

With this life accomplishment nearly checked off, I have turned my attention to finding my life's work. I find it ironic that some employers consider gaps in employment as a negative when most everybody I talk to is envious of my travels and wish they had the courage and resources available to do what I did. These past several months have been the most rewarding time of my life. Armed with an adventurous spirit and a safety net of savings I have been able to explore on my terms.

My next job (and city) will hopefully become my lifelong career and home. A career I can be proud of knowing that I have lived up to my potential and done right by my customers. The satisfaction I get by helping a client get what they want through the sales process is unmatched, and something I miss deeply. I will always have an adventurous spirit, but now is the time to put down roots.

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