Alexis Campbell

San Francisco, CA, USA

Alexis Campbell

San Francisco, CA, USA

Hi there.
My name's Alexis Campbell
I'm currently 16 yrs old

My mom's chinese while my dad is american

I live in San Francisco, CA

I was born on april 24th
I'm a high school student and i'm also a freelance model

My types of music are: rap, hiphop and pop !

I like:
Bunnies, good friends, iced coffee, sleeping, clothes, makeup, summer, going out, hugs, romance, and my phone LOL ♥
I dislike:
racist people, annoying people, people, close minded people, the dark, being alone, smart alecs, cheaters, and just about everything.

Well, i guess that's all !

Twitter: @omghaiialexis

Instagram: omghaiialexis